New chip support form

Algorithmic support service is a free service (some special projects and on-board burning are charge services). We respond flexibly to customers' requests for new chip programming support in programmer software support. The algorithm supports a simple submission process

You sent us a request to add unsupported chips to the programmer software (please provide some chip samples if possible).

We will immediately acknowledge receipt of your request and provide information on our work plan, expected solution due date, and the appropriate programming adapter, if required.

After these are completed, we will inform you that the latest version of the software (downloaded from our official website) is available.

If you are not completely satisfied with our solution (such as technically impossible, or expensive, or no available programming specification, etc.), we will contact you immediately and propose other suitable solutions.


Our service is free, so we can't claim.

We will serve you as soon as possible, but we can not guarantee that all requirements will be met immediately

We have the right to prioritize the needs of all users.

Algorithmic support services are closely related to acroview programmers. Users with multiple acroview programmers have priority over single acroview programmers.

In addition, the request to register as an acroview programmer member will have priority

We do our best to meet your needs.

Please provide a separate form for a requirement. If there are multiple chips in the same form, we will only follow the first one.

We understand that unanswered questions may not matter to you.

The algorithm request form can also be used to support requests for non programmable chips (such as tests), or if there is no memory part inside the chip. In this case, please indicate what we need to do with the chip in the "request attention" section

Fields requiring an asterisk (*) are required

Project information, where the burnable chip will be used : Special symbol (*) is required


entry name

Application algorithm type

End customer contact

End customer name or website






Chip burn per hour


Total number of chips burned


Record holder required for the project/Module

Algorithm applicant information:


Customer (company name)








Contact name

Contact phone number



Algorithm applicant customer type

Company information to be used for chip burning:

Chip burning company information


Company name or website name


Contact Company





Programmer device information to use:

Programmer (category)

Programmer usage

Where did you buy the product




Purchase date

Programmer serial number

Software version of programmer

Information about burnable chips you want to support:


Chip type



Chip burning mode

Solution requirement deadline

Have you checked the latest version of the software

Can chip samples be provided?

Other information:

Other information

If it is ISP online (on board) burning, please specify the required chip interface (such as JTAG, SWD, UART,...), need to submit the following documents, our engineers will contact you in time, please help prepare;

1: ISP and wiring diagram

2: Schematic & gerbe files (schematic), and

3: Power supply voltage of PCBA

4: The approximate power consumption of PCBA (current size), and

5: PCBA power supply interface and description (power supply interface description)

6: Is the function of PCBA provided normal?

7: Provide test files for verification (test files (firmware burning))

8: Description of special control signal during ISP burning

9: Other special considerations

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