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Concentrate and live up to the good times, ACROVIEW Group's "Happy Summer, Double Happines

Time:2022-07-12   Visits:2069

Stay focused and live up to the good times

ACROVIEW Group 2022
"Happy Summer, Double Happiness" team building activity

There is not only work in life, but also poetry and distance.

Body and soul, there is always one on the way.

In order to regulate work pressure, create a working atmosphere of passion, responsibility and happiness. On July 9th, Angke Group came to Xinmei Garden of Meihua Mountain Villa in the beautiful Longhua District to carry out a one-day "Happy Summer"

The group building activity with the theme of "Double Happiness" aims to enrich the spare time life of the company's employees, further strengthen team cohesion, and enhance the ability of unity and cooperation between teams.


When we first arrived at Xinmei Garden, everyone signed on the exhibition board and took a group photo. After the comfort of lunch and food and the rest at noon, everyone carried out various leisure and fun activities: chess and cards, arcades, KTV, billiards... There were constant laughter and laughter, and the atmosphere was very lively.



"Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing their magical powers" "You prosper, I prosper, everyone prosperous" "Wretched growth, don't wave!"... Under the leadership of professional party masters, after a simple warm-up ice-breaking game, the team members quickly integrated The team atmosphere, entering the competition state, selecting the captain, choosing the team name, shouting slogans, and practicing the formation, the major columns were born, and the colorful Angke team style was fully displayed.

1.listen to the song

     Time flies, time rushes, and the singing in our ears can always shroud our time and space. Guess the song title, listen to the music, and let us recall the years that belonged to us. guessed better than me

     Every time we work together as a team, and every time the joy of successfully guessing the answer, it makes each other more understanding and more friendship.

3.Targeted market

   We all have our own roles in life and work, and teamwork performance can only be promoted if everyone cooperates with each other. Anticipating changes and proactively adapting are good medicine.

4.Post station book


Break through the mindset, make full use of the rules, enhance the awareness of innovation, break down the information barrier, and get the fruits of victory in the shortest time.



The smoke curled from the barbecue grill, accompanied by the flames ignited by the charcoal fire, the fragrant meat skewers, the attractive colors, and the rich ingredients. This kind of big drinking and big meat-eating days makes us happy and worthy of the world!

With laughter and laughter, this team building activity is coming to an end. Everyone is relaxed and comfortable, happy and leisurely. While releasing pressure, they also adjust themselves to meet new challenges in a better state.

Take dreams as horses, live up to the youth

cohesion and unity

The future can be expected, we will move forward side by side



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