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Nepcon Thailand 2024 wraps up perfectly ONTECH Chip Programming Attracts Eyeballs

Time:2024-06-25   Visits:1166

June 19-22, the four-day Nepcon Thailand International Electronic Components and Production Equipment Exhibition successfully concluded at BITEC Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center. As the most influential electronic equipment exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, the exhibition attracted the attention of many industry professionals at home and abroad. In this international arena, ONC Technology's SGM Technology has become one of the highlights of the exhibition with its leading chip programming technology.



In recent years, due to the improvement of technology and quality, many industries have gradually emerged in Thailand, with the automotive, electronics, telecommunications, the most development potential; which electronic products such as integrated circuits, microelectronic components and computer equipment for one of Thailand's major export projects, accounting for 20% of total exports, with an output value of 30 billion U.S. dollars. Bangkok International Electronics Production Equipment Exhibition (NEPCON Thailand) as Thailand's largest and most professional electronic components exhibition, become China's electronics manufacturing industry enterprises to develop and maintain Thailand and even the ASEAN market is an excellent platform.


At present, the global electronics industry is in a golden period of rapid development, electronic equipment industry also ushered in a huge opportunity for development. With the continuous innovation and wide application of 5G, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, the functions of electronic products are becoming more and more powerful, and the performance is also improving, which undoubtedly puts forward more stringent requirements for electronic equipment, and in this context, high precision, high efficiency and intelligence have become the main theme of the development of the electronic equipment industry.


As a leader in the chip programming industry, ONTECH/Chongmao, with years of profound accumulation and continuous development, has established a strong R&D team, a sales and service network all over the world, as well as an advanced production and manufacturing process. The company adopts the international leading standardized quality control system and establishes an efficient and fast service process system to provide customers with high quality services. ONTECH/Chonmart specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of chip programming equipment, and is always committed to providing chip programming solutions for customers worldwide. In this exhibition, O-Net/Zonto brought a variety of products such as SG8000 and SG5200S to make a wonderful appearance, showing the world the technical strength and innovative achievements of China's smart manufacturing.


The SG5200S is a four-nozzle high-performance automatic programming machine launched by ONTECH/Chonmart, which can be equipped with four AP8000 programming cores, and the system can be expanded to a maximum of 32 programming stations, and the automated machine architecture, which is widely trusted by customers, ensures the stability and reliability of the machine throughout its life cycle. The latest four-nozzle chip pick-and-place system realizes high speed and high efficiency (UPH3500) while taking into account the pick-and-place precision and ultra-quiet sound. It is widely used in automotive electronics, military aerospace, industrial control, server and network, and IoT industries. Programmable chips including FPGA, MCU, CPLD, Nand/Nor Flash, eMMC, UFS, etc. can be programmed for mass production. It supports a variety of feeding and discharging methods such as fully automatic Tray disk, tape and reel and tube, and a variety of marking methods such as laser marking, inkjet marking and ink marking.


The programmer products launched by ONTECH/Chonmart can meet the different product rapid adaptation of domestic and foreign chip manufacturers, relying on the powerful self-developed PPA development platform, docking MES manufacturing execution system, to solve the pain points and difficult problems of customers in the chip mass-production of the burner, so that each chip's programming process can achieve the whole process of controllable and traceable.


On the exhibition site, the products of ONTECH/Chonmart attracted the favor and attention of many visitors, and the innovative product display and professional technical explanation made the visitors fully feel the brand charm and technical strength of ONTECH/Chonmart. At the same time, the staff of ONTECH/Chonmart also actively communicated with the visitors to gain a deep understanding of the market demand and industry dynamics, which provided strong support for the company's future development.


As a leading enterprise in chip programming industry, ONTECH/Chomtronic will continue to pursue excellence, innovation and progress, to return to customers and society with better products and services, and to contribute to the realization of the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and high-quality development. At the same time, ONTECH/Chongmao will also actively expand the international market, strengthen the cooperation and exchange with international excellent enterprises, and continuously improve its international competitiveness. Hand in hand with our customers, we will jointly promote the transformation of Made in China to Made in China.

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