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Acroview IPS5200L Automated Programming Machine Empowers Chips to be Smarter

Time:2023-11-06   Visits:2133

With the rapid development of digitization and intelligence, chips have become one of the core components of modern technology, and the global demand for chips continues to grow. As a major manufacturing powerhouse, China's enormous market demand has driven the development of its semiconductor industry.


After a decade of development and exploration, China's chip industry is gradually playing an important role on the global technology stage. China's determination and actions towards achieving technological self-reliance have garnered widespread attention worldwide. The country's chip manufacturing industry is increasingly recognized in the global market, attracting more attention from domestic companies and cooperation from foreign enterprises.

The enormous potential of Chinese technology and innovation is gradually being revealed, particularly in breakthroughs in areas such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and 5G. China has achieved significant milestones, narrowing the gap with the West in chip design, manufacturing, and application. In the high-end chip sector, China has taken a significant step from being known as the 'world's factory' to becoming a global technological innovator. By enhancing its independent research and development capabilities and technological expertise, China has successfully challenged the dominance of Western powers, transitioning from import dependence to self-reliance and controllability.


As a leader in the chip programming industry, Acroview Technology has been deeply involved in the field of chip programming, providing high-quality programming equipment for the global chip industry chain. Acroview possesses FPGA IP with independent innovation, brand, and intellectual property rights. Its powerful processing capability and compatibility can quickly support chip programming requirements, making it the industry leader in chip compatibility.

Acroview's universal programming equipment can meet various application scenarios, ranging from small-batch manual programming to fully automated offline and in-circuit programming. It supports various programmable devices such as Nor/Nand Flash, eMMC, UFS, MCU, FPGA, CPLD, and more. Acroview has developed support for tens of thousands of different semiconductor components from over 200 different chip manufacturers. Their latest offering, the IPS5200L, is a high-performance automated programming machine with four nozzles. It innovatively applies linear motors commonly used in high-speed placement machines to the automated programming industry, achieving ultra-high production efficiency and precision in chip handling. The machine is equipped with four AP8000 universal programmers as the programming core, and the system can be expanded up to 64 programming stations. Acroview's trusted IPS automatic mechanism ensures machine stability and reliability throughout its lifecycle. The latest four-nozzle chip handling system achieves high speed, efficiency (UPH4000), precise handling, and ultra-quiet operation. The high-performance linear motor system, combined with high-precision grating rulers and Acroview's highly reliable servo drive algorithm, achieves a perfect balance of ultra-high precision and high output efficiency.


IPS5200L is widely used in industries such as automotive electronics, military aerospace, industrial control, servers and networks, and IoT. It enables mass production programming of various programmable chips. It supports various input and output methods, including fully automated tray, tape, and tube handling. It also supports multiple marking methods such as laser marking, inkjet marking, and ink dot marking. As a result of its excellent performance and wide range of applications, the IPS5200L has been honored with the STEP-BY-STEP EXCELLENCE AWARDS.


Acroview's products have gained widespread favor among customers in the industry due to their high efficiency, stability, and yield. Acroview will continue to strive and contribute to the development and progress of domestic chips. The future of domestic chips is full of infinite possibilities, and China's chip industry will continue to grow and expand under the operation of economic and industrial laws.


Overall, the development of domestic chips has achieved significant milestones, and the Chinese chip industry will face more opportunities and challenges on its future development path.

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